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PiEp.nu does its best to promote dance sport everywhere. Part of this effort is the sponsoring of several national and international dance couples. This sponsoring does not involve money, but photos and publicity. All PiEp.nu sponsor couples get all their photos for free and news about them is published regularly on this website.

I currently sponsor the following couples:


  • Jorgen Hultermans & Shirly Habets
  • Jan-Willem Mostert & Kendra Kraus
  • Marcello Nencini & Tessa de Jongh


  • Lenny Gouwerok & Laura Zmajkovicova
  • Niels Didden & Gwyneth van Rijn
  • Troels Bager & Ina Jeliazkova
  • Morten Lowe & Zia James
  • Stefano Moriondo & Malene Ostergaard


  • Frank & Danique Zegels
  • Janick Lowe & Pia Lundanes
  • Nikolaj Lund & Marta Kocik